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Generator High Frequency Output: 40kHz
Output power: 3.5kW (100kV, 35mA, 0.1s)
Radiography kVp Range/Steps: 40KV -110KV, continuous adjustment
Radiography mA Range: 10mA - 65mA
Radiography Exposure timer Range: 0.01 - 4s
Radiography mAs Range: 0.1 - 250mAs, step adjustment
Continuous Fluoroscopy kVp Range/Steps: 40kv -110kv
Continuous Fluoroscopy mA Range: 0.1mA - 4mA
Pulse Fluoroscopy kVp Range/Steps: 40kv - 100kv
Pulse Fluoroscopy mA Range: 0.1mA - 8mA
Input Phase/Voltage: Single Phase, AC 230V or AC 110V AC +/-10%, 50Hz or 60Hz
X-ray tube Nominal focal spot value: 0.6 (small focus) /1.5mm (large focus)
Max rating (kw): 3.5kw
Maximum tube Voltage: 110kV
Maximum tube Current: 80mA
Anode heat content: 40kHu
C-arm Motorized Vertical Movement: 440mm
Horizontal Movement: 210mm
Wig-Wag: ±12°
C-Arm Lateral Rotation: ± 360°
C-Arm Orbital Movement: 115°
SID: 922mm
C-Arm Depth: 668mm
Free Space Between X-Ray Tube Head and Image Intensifier: 722mm
Min/Max Length: 1803/2013mm
Max Width: 784mm
Min/Max Height: 1733/2183mm
Weight: 255kg
Movement: Manual. Steering back wheels with parking position, rotating anterior wheel.
Collimator Producer and type: Ralco 601
Iris: Control from stand control console, with adjustable opening continuously up to the maximum
allowed according to the image intensifier field selected
Digital image system 470, 000 pixels CCD camera
Image intensifier: 9"
Medical monitor: 19" LCD

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