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FS-500 DDR-2

Generator Output Power: 50 kW
High frequency output: 400kHz
KVp: 40-150kVp
mA Range:10-630mA
Exposurer Timer Range: 0.001-6.3s
mAs Range : 0.1mAs-630mAs
Anatomical Programs (APR): 768
Options: AEC, DAP
High voltage cable:75kv, 12 meters
Input Phase/Voltage: 3 Phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz
X-ray tube Nominal focal spot value: 0.6mm (small focus) / 1.2mm (large focus)
Rotation speed (min-1):2700rpm@50Hz, 3200rpm@60Hz
Maximum tube voltage: 150kV
Maximum filament current: 370mA (small focus) / 760mA (large
Anode Heat Content: 150kHU (111KJ)
Max rating (0.1s) (kw): 20/46kW@50Hz, 22/50kW@60Hz
U-C-arm Stand height: 2200mm
Swivel arm travel, up and down: 400mm to 1700mm
Minimum vertical distance from center of cross arm to the ground: 425mm
Tube travel, longitudinal: 800mm
Rotation of tube: +/- 180°
Rotation of receptor: +/-45°
Rotation of swivel arm: -30°- +90°- +135°
SID: Minimum: 1000mm,Maximum: 1800mm
Flat Panel Detector Active Area: 430 (H) * 439 (V) mm, (16.9" * 17.3")
Pixel matrix: 3008 (H) * 3072 (V)
Pixel Pitch: 143µm
A/D Conversion: 14 bit
Limiting Resolution: 3.7 LP/mm typ.
Cycle Time: Shot to Shot 6 sec
Image Capture Time: less than 1 sec
X-ray Conversion Layer:Cesium Iodide (Csl) with Amorphous
Silicon (a-Si) Photodiode
Celling Tube Mount Vertical telescope travel range: 1450mm+/-20mm (motor-driven)
Transverse travel range: >1800mm (Manual)
Longitudinal travel range: >1800mm (motor-driven)
Tube rotation range, horizontal axis: ± 90 °, ( motor-driven)
Tube rotation range, vertical axis: 90 °,( Manual)

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