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Generator Output power: 50kW
High Frequency Output: > 400kHz
Radiography kVp Range/Steps:40-150kV in 1 kv increments
Radiography mA Range: 10-630mA in step
Radiography Exposure timer Range:0.001-6.3s in 1ms in step
Radiography mAs Range:0.1-630mAs
Continuous Fluoroscopy kVp  Range/Steps: 40-125kV
Continuous Fluoroscopy mA Range/Steps:0.5-6mA
Pulse Fluoroscopy mA Range/Steps:0.5-20mA( option)
APR: 768
Optional functions:AEC, DAP, ABS, HLF, PHLF, high speed starter
Input Phase/Voltage: 3Phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Pulse fluoroscopy function
ABS function
X-ray tube Nominal focal spot value: 0.6mm (small focus)/ 1.2mm (large focus)
Max rating (0.1s) (kw): 27kW/75kW@180Hz
Anode angle: 12 degrees
Maximum tube Voltage: 150kV
Rotation speed (min-1): 2700rpm@50Hz, 3200rpm@60Hz, 9700rpm@50Hz
Anode heat content: 300kHU (210KJ)
Diagnostic table Table tilting range: -25°- 0°-  +90°
Standard table top size: L2100mm × W600mm
Table height: 880mm
Tube travel, around longitudinal of table: ≥740mm
Focal spot to tabletop (SID) :110cm, 150cm
Table top travel range, transverse: ≥220mm

Collimator Control method: Manual and electric integrate
Maximum X-rayfield coverage:43cm * 43cm    
The average brightness of the light field: >150lux
Input power: 24VAC, 10A

Digital Image System

Image Intensifier: 9", central resolution: 48Lp/cm typ.
Medical monitor: 21" , resolution:1200×1600(2M)

The lowest center comprehensive resolution: ≥2.0Lp/mm
1,000,000 pixels CCD camera
Image matrix: 1024*1024
Fluoroscopy collecting speed:25 frame/s
Computer: 500GB hard drive, Intel Core3,DVD record,
Digital image management system
Support: DICOM3.0
Real-time DSI image collection